Welcome to UCF Smart Infrastructure Data Analytics Lab!

Smart Infrastructure Data Analytics Lab (SIDAL), directed by Dr. Qun Zhou, is a research laboratory at University of Central Florida.

We are a group of researchers passionate about solving challenges in the energy field, from the grid to buildings. We focus on grid edge components including HVAC, solar panels, and batteries.

We are devoted to improving energy efficiency, building intelligence, and customer engagement, through advanced data analytics, probabilistic modeling, and optimization schemes.

We believe that the future of energy is on individual consumers. Together, we are making a greener, stronger, and smarter energy future!



Aug. 2019: Welcome two new PhD students, Xipeng and Nasrin!

Jul. 2019: Dr. Qun Zhou presents the research work at PES general meeting on “probabilistic inference in distribution systems”.

Jun. 2019: Welcome our postdoctoral fellow Samy Faddel! He is joining us for a campus pilot project using one UCF building to provide grid flexibility.

Feb. 2019: The Work Order Workshop is successfully held by SIDAL with Siemens. We had productive discussions on how to correlate work order data for root cause identification in buildings.

Oct 2018: UCF Smart Infrastructure Data Analytics Lab is in the news.